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Room Calculator
We have 2 online calculators available on this page, one for carpets and one for flooring tiles. Both methods obviously require you to measure your room.
  1. Measure the floor area, in metres. If your room is not rectangular or square then break the room down into a smaller number of rectangles and take measurements for each one.

    For example :
  2. Enter the dimensions for each rectangle into the respective fields on this page.

  3. Include an amount for wastage or fitting allowance (normally 10% for flooring tiles or 20cm for carpets). You can always change this figure if you feel that your factor is likely to be different.

  4. Make a note of the total calculated area that is shown based on the measurements that you have entered.
Measuring for Floor Tiles (eg Karndean Flooring)
Calculating the flooring area for flooring tiles is a bit simpler, you measure each width and length within your room and use those figures. You do need to allow an additional percentage for difference in cuts, corners etc. In our experience this normally works out to around 10% of the total area measured.
  Rectangle Width Length Area  
  1 m m m2  
  2 m m m2  
  3 m m m2  
  4 m m m2  
  5 m m m2  
  Sub total m2  
  Allow for % wastage m2  
  Total Area m2  
Measuring for Carpets
Carpets are normally supplied in fixed widths. Although there are variations, typically these are either 2m or 4m wide. Therefore when you measure your room you need to consider the carpet width. If you have a room dimension that is less than 2m then you will need a 2m wide carpet. Obviously if the room width/length is greater than 2m then you will need to use a 4m wide carpet.

In addition to this, to allow for cutting and fitting, you need to add an additional 20cm to your measurements.
  Rectangle Carpet Width Room Measurement Cutting Allowance Area  
  1 m m cm m2  
  2 m m cm m2  
  3 m m cm m2  
  4 m m cm m2  
  5 m m cm m2  
  Sub total m2  
  Total Area m2  
Please note that the Total Areas shown are based on your room measurement values as entered above and are for for guideline use only. We accept no responsibility for incorrect area values due to inaccurate measurements, anomolies in your internet browser's math capability or for any other reason.
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